Nix the fuzzy-jaggies.

when small as a micron or as big as the moon.
 SVG: (1kb) usable at any size.
Small as a dot, large as the moon.

but fuzzy’n pixilated at other sizes.
JPG: (24kb) usable at one size for optimization



There are some great ways to stand out. The first is savvy, shrewdness and practical knowledge — and always focusing on quality.

Create quality pages, as compared to simply filling them. More isn’t always best.

One shrewd ways is to AVOID THE FUZZY JAGGIES by using the simple SVG format.
Keep your graphics crisp and legible—large or small—100%.
Avoid creating redundant, unused images automatically generated by WordPress.
Avoid large, slow image loading.

  • Jpegs (jpg) where a huge advance in 1992. It isn’t 1992.
  • Jpegs are the bomb for online photos, but photos don’t make up the majority of images, graphics, animations, and text. Vector does. Math does
Need help? We can do that!

If you’re booked or don’t have the skill, we can create high-end vectors for you.

We’ve been creating them for over a decade and have created tens of thousands of them. Some for catalogs, billboards, backdrops, books, and animations.

A GREAT IMAGE CAN MAKE A VERY compelling story even better. Here are some free image websites to keep you styling and growing.

ICONS ARE SAVVY SIGNPOSTS AND EYE candy. They get attention. And they can be the perfect expression for your work. Free or custom.

AVOID THE FUZZY JAGGIES with SVG. Keep your graphics crisp and legible—large or small—100%. And you will avoid slow image loading as a plus.

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