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The Daily

You’re site matters. The goal of The Daily is to assure you can focus on your work, knowing your site is secure. That means it’s optimized, updated, backed up, scanned, and monitored.

The Daily also means you’ll have eyes on your site, not just to assure it is up and well, but also that the plugins you add aren’t making your site vulnerable. Yep, that happens. We look over your shoulder. We flag. We suggest. We care.

If you need to have a bit of a think, cool. In the meantime check this quick list of the most common WordPress plugins with issues to avoid ASAP

Secure Login
Malware Scan
Plugins Fresh
Database Clean
WordPress Fresh
Backups Weekly
Theme updates
Uptime Monitor
+Hours $60 per




If you pay annually, you’ll get a monthly overview as to what has been done to your website, suggestions to making it work better, and plugins that might help you in your efforts.


We offer levels of support. You’ll find your support package, and other resources here.


If your package includes chat, you’ll find us quickly here.


We luv teachers. We often provide scholarships to public schools of our clients. Details.


Bleak! Few people enjoy the long legalize stuff. But, know your limits and ours. 🙂

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